BJJ rash guards

Rash guards as the name indicate that they are worn out to protect you from rashes. BJJ involves grappling techniques and ground skills in which you grapple and tackle your opponent on a combat mat. It’s obvious that when you grapple and tackle your opponent on a mat the chances of getting injured get more and there are chances that you may also get rashes on your skin too. So, to prevent these injuries you need to wear a rash, in order to fight in a comfortable way and to prevent yourself from rashes and several other cuts on your skin.

So if you need to get a suitable rash guard for BJJ training sessions I would give you honest advice to shop it from elite sports. Elite sports don’t compromise on their quality and their aim is to provide world-class gym outfits. Elite sports rash guards are available at cheap and affordable prices which are durable and budget-friendly. 

Are Our Rash Guards Necessary for BJJ or Not?

Rash guards are a must to wear under your GI because the sweat can damage your GI and also you will feel so uncomfortable if you are only wearing GI and it will bring a lot of sweat. Rashguards also help a fighter to prevent themselves from mat burns. So if you are not wearing any rash guard but only GI itself then your skin gets contact with the combat mat then it’s obvious that you can get friction scars too. So if you want to fight in a comfortable way and during your training session you want to practice without any distraction, then you must wear a rash guard underneath your BJJ GI. 

How Tight Should Be Your Rash Guard? 

Your rash guard should be tight enough, it shouldn’t be loose. If it’s loose and flap about then it would only cause irritation during your workout like running, in other intense workouts, and in grappling. So before getting a rash guard must check its fit first and then get the one which is suitable for you. 

Besides that, if you are in search of buying a comfortable and durable workout outfit must shop it from elite sports. Elite sports rash guards are made up of high-quality fabric which is sweat-wicking and easy going. So why not shop high-quality gym outfits from elite sports at a price which is budget-friendly and which does not fall heavy on your pocket. 

Various Types of Rash Guards

There are tremendous types of rash guards that are available in various sizes and colors used in training various forms of BJJ. Rash guards are distinguished from each other in a way that some of them are with no sleeves, others are available without sleeves and the third type involves rash guards with short sleeves, so it’s up to you which one you feel best suitable for your workout. 

Some Advantages of Wearing Rash Guards 

There are several other reasons too that you should wear rash guards, some of the advantages of wearing rash guards are mentioned below,

Decreasing Bacterial Spread Through Skin to Skin Contact

All of us know that during combat skin to skin contact in jiu-jitsu there is a chance that bacteria can spread drastically. The kimono top (which is used in the gi) gets opened sometimes during combat and then there is a chance of spreading bacteria. So it’s really important to wear a rash guard underneath your Gis to get secured from bacteria in order to protect yourself from several illnesses. 

Firming Your Grip by Wearing a Rash Guard 

When you sweat it’s obvious that your body surface gets slippery, the more your body sweat the more slippery it gets. Because of this fact, your opponent can slip various submissions, and your grip can’t get much effective. So when you wear a rashguard especially with long sleeves you are better able to have grip and control over your submissions. 

Protecting Yourself From Various Injuries by Wearing Rash Guards

Muscle strain pulls and soreness are common while doing some intense workout. But when your muscles are compressed they are less prone to get injured, so when you wear a rash guard you will definitely protect yourself from various injuries too. The firmness provided by the rash guard also helps your muscles from getting strained and inflamed after your intense workout sessions. 

Protecting Yourself From Mat Burning 

Your performance may get affected badly if you get injured or irritated by mat burns. Mat burning is a really annoying and disturbing factor you can face during your BJJ training sessions or during combat. So in order to protect yourself from mat burns, I would advise you to wear rashguards underneath your GIs because rashguards can protect your elbow, knees, back, and body from getting affected by mat burns. I would suggest you wear long sleeves rash guards if you really want to protect your arms and elbows from mat burns. 

So I hope that today’s blog is really helpful for you in understanding the worth and importance of wearing rash guards underneath your Gis before your BJJ fighting or training sessions. So don’t forget to buy the best suitable rashguard which can help you to achieve good performance.


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