How to Choose a Dermatologist - 11 Tips for Patients
Wondering how to choose a dermatologist for your skin related problems? It is daunting to have skin related or hair related problems like acne, pimples, scar, hair loss, Dandruff etc as they directly affect your first appearance and as we all know that the first appearance should always be charming. But unfortunately, there are some who face severe skin related or nail-related or hair-related problems which can only be treated by the skin specialist called Dermatologist. Now, the question comes that how to choose a dermatologist? So, to assist you in finding the best dermatologist, we have mentioned some factors which you need to be check before undergoing treatment. A Dermatologist can treat around 3000 different cases arises in all age variants. So, for the better understanding, there are four different types of Dermatologists:
  • Dermatopathologists (Specialised in finding that from where the different kinds of skin diseases come from)
  • Pediatric Dermatologists (Specialised in training the skin related diseases in children)
  • Immune Dermatologists (Specialised in finding out how the immune system interacts with the skin)
  • Cosmetic Dermatologists (Specialised in finding and treating the skin problems cosmetically)
So, get the doctors as per your need and don’t forget  the below factors to choose the best dermatologist.

#1 Research the Dermatologist’s Credential

This is one of the most crucial factors which you should look out for. Check out whether the dermatologist possesses the board certification or not. The Board Certification justifies the knowledge, skill, training, and experience of the doctor in the field of dermatology. So, always find out the credentials before choosing a dermatologist.

#2 Experience 

Experience matters a lot when you are looking for the best dermatologist. The more the experience of doctors in the field of dermatology, the higher the possibility of better handling of the case. An experienced dermatologist is capable of handling the severe state of an issue with ease compared to the less experienced ones. Also, there is a misconception among the people that only years of practice matter while calculating the experience. No doubt, the years of practice is an essential attribute for calculation of expertise, but the number of successfully treated patient is also equally important. Therefore, check out the number of cases handled by the dermatologist and calculate the success rate.

#3 Quality of Service

The quality of service has to be checked every time you go for a medical procedure. The Quality of Service includes the facilities provided at the hospital/ clinic, infrastructure or we can say the machinery used for treatment, the location of the hospital, etc. The better the quality of service of the hospital, the lesser the complication and better the outcome/ result of the treatment. Hence, do check the quality of service before going for treatment.

#4 Qualification and Training

The certificates and medals which are generally seen hanging on the walls behind the Doctor are just not for decoration. They show the knowledge, qualification, skills of the doctor in that field. Therefore, always have a look of the qualification of the dermatologist before undergoing the treatment. Check which all training has done completed by the doctor and which all methods will he/ she be using in your case.

#5 Evaluate the Communication

This is again an essential part of deciding the dermatologist. Communication influences a lot. Before going for treatment, do ask all your queries to the doctor and by the end of communication, you would have decided that whether you will undergo surgery at the centre or not. One should always feel comfortable in sharing his/ her problem with the doctor for the better result. The other attribute which has to be checked during the visit is time. Was the doctor in a hurry or in any rush? Was he/ she was interested to know your medical health? Answer of all these questions will positively influence your process of choosing a dermatologist.

#6 Check the Reviews

Read what the other people say about the dermatologist and its services. Checking the reviews would help you know about the procedure which is followed by the doctor, how much time will be taken to recover, is the staff supportive or not.

#7 Get Referrals

The Referrals system is one of the best ways to choose a dermatologist or any other type of doctor. Not only in the case of dermatologists, referrals or we can say the suggestion is always handy in influencing the mind of the patient. You can take this recommendation from your friend, family member, or from the patient who has formerly gone through the same problem as you. But it is always told that never go with the suggestions, as there are many other factors too which should also be checked.

#8 Unrushed Appointments

Unrushed Appointments means that the doctor is giving you the full time to explain your issues and is answering all the states of the question politely. The dermatologists who look into your matter and treat you without looking at the clock is one of the best doctors you should go with. If the doctor finds difficult to follow-up with you, or the doctor is having a lack of time to look at you or the dermatologist dismisses your thoughts, just switch the doctor straight away.

#9 No Sales Pitching

At the clinic or hospital, if you feel that the staff is rushing or pushing to sell their products forcefully (which is not of your use), then just pick your bag and visit the next clinic. You are going to the clinic/ hospital for treatment, not the mall for shopping.

#10 Check the Post Treatment Offers

While wondering how to choose a dermatologist, Always look for the dermatologist, who can provide you with the post-treatment check-ups. How many check-ups does the doctor offer you after the treatment, does the doctor guide you with his valuable guidance even after the procedure, etc are the things which you need to check while choosing the best dermatologist.

#11 Gender

Are you comfortable? This is the first question which is asked by anyone to make the other person feel comfortable in a new environment. Most of the time it is seen that patients are pleased with the same gender doctor while quite uncomfortable with the doctor of the opposite gender. These are the factors which you must look to while choosing a Dermatologist. By selecting a dermatologist in this way, you will not get to feel regretted during the complete procedure. Also, do check the list of top dermatologists of your city and now Stop wondering how to choose a dermatologist.

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