How to Lose Weight by Yoga in 1 Month
Yoga is ranked in top when it comes to simple and effective exercise for losing weight. Along with our body it also makes our mind healthy. Yoga is a natural way of losing weight. Various other methods like medicines and surgeries are dangerous for our body. Yoga also provides strengths to our different body parts and toned muscles. You can lose fat from any part of your body by doing a specific yoga for that part. The unwanted excessive fat is due to our unhealthy lifestyle, stress or smoking. Many people try diet plans and also join gym but they both require strong will power and a great motivation. So know how to lose weight by yoga in 1 month easily. For yoga you don’t need to follow a hard exercise schedule or stick to a boring diet. You only need to take 120 minutes for your health. Yoga also gives makes our mind, soul happy and making our endurance better. Many yoga exercises are not so much beneficial as these are.

How to lose weight by yoga in 1 month

Hot yoga
  • This yoga is best known for losing weight quickly.
  • This yoga is performed in a room where temperature is about 106 degree Celsius for getting excess sweat.
  • More the sweat comes; more calories or fat is burned.
  • It is a quick way for how to lose weight by yoga in 1 month.

Downward Dog pose

  • This pose of yoga is beneficial especially for losing muscles or toning of arms and muscles.
  • It makes circulation of blood to brain better.
  • It is also done in between san salutation and is considered a step of it.
  • This poses gives you relieve from stress and tiredness.

Yoga Warrior Pose

  • It helps giving us toned arms, shoulders and thighs.
  • Highly beneficial for back problems patients.
  • It also works for opening hips, chest.

Bow Pose

  • As the name suggests bow, in this pose your body remains in a position of bow.
  • It makes back more flexible and also reduces fat of arm and leg muscles.
  • It is helpful for people with kidney problems and also makes back and abdominal muscles stronger.
  • Lying on stomach is the starting position or step of bow pose.

Eagle Pose

  • This pose consists of standing on right leg by crossing your left leg.
  • It improves concentration and balance.
  • This pose is good for your hips and thighs muscles and also proves power to your legs.

Standing Forward Bend

  • Standing forward bend is also a type of pose of yoga.
  • It helps in increasing flexibility of all muscles of back by stretching them.
  • It makes your abdominal muscles toned and reduces their extra fat.
  • It is a good way for how to lose weight by yoga in 1 month of stomach or abdominal.
CONCLUSION: The above explained 6 yoga poses are very beneficial for losing body fat and getting a toned body. This extra fat is stored in our body by following an unhealthy and bad lifestyle and eating habits.


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