Technology Makes Liver Transplant Easy!

The liver is partially or exclusively responsible for digesting, absorbing and processing food. Also, it filters the blood, detoxifies chemicals, makes certain important proteins and metabolizes drugs. Serving as a significant part in these important processes and more, the presence of liver is essential in the human body. Liver transplant in India brings to you, world-class treatment and hospitality, and that too, at much cheaper costs. The complex process of Liver Transplantation implies removing a patient’s diseased liver and then transplanting a healthy liver instead from a donor. Although this treatment sounds like a medical wonder, it is indeed a life-saving surgery. Many patients from abroad prefer to get the surgery in India, all thanks to the reasonable liver transplant cost in India.

Cost of Liver Transplant in India

The major reason that encourages thousands of medical tourists from overseas to opt for India every year is the cost effectiveness. Equated to several other countries including US and UK, the cost of Liver transplant in India is approximately one-tenth, whereas the clinical outcomes remain the same, in fact better in some cases. At a leading and reputed Indian hospital, the cost of an adult liver transplant is around USD 29,500. Although the cost of the surgery is highly variable from one hospital to another, it is still significantly lesser than the cost of this surgery in the US or UK; plus, the success rate is very high. Please note that the total cost of complete liver transplant in India usually includes many other expenses, including laboratory tests, anaesthesia for operation, specialized remuneration of the doctor and expenses of hospital, supporting staff, recovery & rehabilitation, supportive medicines, physical therapy & surgical consumables.

Things about Liver Transplant in India you should know

If you are planning to avail liver transplantation in India, you must be aware of the below-mentioned procedures:

  • The donor should be biologically related to you and must live in your own country. Opting for a donor from India is not possible.
  • If the donor is patient’s close relative, the consent procedure becomes quicker and also you will be able to avoid certain medical complications.
  • For a liver transplant, the blood group of both the donor and recipient has to match. So, when you decide upon a suitable donor in your mind, please ensure that you both have identical blood group.
  • If your blood group does not match with any of the possible donors, you may get an unrelated prospective donor signed up for a swap transplant. In this loophole, the benefactor of another incompatible case with blood group that matches yours will become your donor, whereas your potential organ giver will donate liver to that patient.
  • Both the donor and the recipient should be healthy enough for operability.
  • Although easily availed these days, a permission for getting a liver transplant in India is required from the authorities.

The cost-effectiveness of a liver transplant in India has been giving a sigh of relief to many foreign patients, facing problems with their liver. When you can get all the A grade amenities and quality procedure without costing you a fortune, that is probably the smartest way towards a healthier you. So, pack your bags, check schedule with your attendant and give Medmonks a desirable opportunity to help you out in this critical journey of health. The healthcare professionals at Medmonks have years of qualitative experience in making available premium treatments to the patients from all over the world.

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